View Full Version : Online Lobbies Race & Session Lengths

02-09-2015, 22:25
As we know that exiting an online lobby requires us going back to the main menu and having to search for a race all over again. It's takes an extra 3 seconds for me but still a little annoying.

My main reason for jumping to and from the lobby and search listings are because I can't stand lobbies with 90mins qualifying, 6 lap race. Or 90 mins qualifying, 90 warm up 20 Lap race, but only in the BMW Z4.

In the online lobbies can we have more detail than "long" or "short" as a description for race length. I wouldn't class 10mins qualifying & 6 laps around Imola Long either.

does anyone like the idea of being in a group of evening races to do a few 10 lap races around some decent tracks with a bunch of other clean racers? I find quali out weighs a lot of the race time so I find myself looking for races than actually completing laps.

02-09-2015, 22:31
How about having some set standards for curtain circuits:-

10laps or less around Monza short, short race
Over 10, it becomes a long one.

7 laps or less around Spa, Short Race.
8+, it becomes long.

I've never seen a short Le Mans race. But at the same time, I've never Races any more than 5 laps online.

Will we see an option for a mandatory pit stop?

04-09-2015, 09:05