View Full Version : Grpahics card for ultra settings

03-09-2015, 18:20
Hi what card would I need to run the ultra settings, I have a fast processor and a Nvidia GTX 750 but can only get low to medium settings. Cheers!

Gavin Thomas
03-09-2015, 18:25
Personally I'd recommend a GTX980 or GTX980Ti or even a Titan X

I upgraded to GTX 980 from a 7950 which was running everything on medium, needless to say with the 980 everything is on Ultra/high but under some conditions car/track/weather/number of opponents it to struggles to keep frame rates high.

All I'll say is make sure you got a CPU that can handle the extra workload it will get once you upgrade the GPU, or you won't see much of a performance increase.

03-09-2015, 18:31
Thanks! I have a i7 4790k @ 4ghz is that good enough?

03-09-2015, 18:32
Yes it is.

04-09-2015, 15:11

Please read this thread and follow recommendations, I'm sure you can find pretty good settings for your GTX 770:

You have to understand what "ultra settings" you want. Even very High-End systems cannot handle all MAX settings for real racing. They can be used only for photo mode. If we are talking about real gameplay, I can recommend everything higher than GTX 770 in this table:

I own GTX 960 with i5-4690S and have no problems with Ultra settings, except some heavy ones, like anti-aliasing, reflections. etc.


04-09-2015, 15:25
I have had a GTX 980 ti now for about 5 weeks (upgraded from a GTX 980) and I have no problems running max graphics (ultra everything that can be, high everything else) and my FPS never go below 45 at worst GPU load with rain, night, etc. In normal conditions such as daytime and clear, my FPS never go below 60 and fluctuate up to 90. I am very pleased.