View Full Version : Blacked Out Second Screen

05-09-2015, 22:39
I try to use a second monitor for pCARS Analyzer and temps, but it always goes black when the game launches. When I exit the game, there's a black box in the upper left 1/4 of the screen for a second or two, then my second screen comes back. Any ideas as to what's causing this?

I've disabled Steam overlay and only have Sim Commander running in the background. The second screen did work (not blacked out) a few times a while back, but I haven't found any reasons as to why then and not now.

06-09-2015, 00:19
I have that sometimes on a 3rd monitor. As the launcher is working, it goes "no signal", and goes black. If I Alt/Tab, wait 5 seconds and go back, it comes back on.