View Full Version : TAW.net vs Can Am VRL Event Problems

06-09-2015, 05:04
TAW.net Project CARS Division tried to organize an event with Can Am VRL for tonight. First of all, let me apologize to all who tried to attend, I hope the issues experienced do not reflect negatively on TAW.net. I hope we can attempt this again with better success.

Tonight we experienced a number of issues, which I think all fall into the "Known Bugs" category. They included:

Long period from DS restart until it can be joined, longer than usual tonight
Multiple users experiencing loss of wheel controls
Unable to connect when there should still be sufficient time to connect
Drive Button grayed out

Once again, I apologize to everyone who tried to participate, hopefully we can try this again when the Dedicated Server is a little more ironed out.

SMS, I understand that the dedicated server user represents a small subset of all PCARS players, but please commit some more resources to ironing out the DS. I know it must lag behind fixing other parts of the game, but please consider that these issues are driving away players that you might never get back. Players that tend to be loyal for a long time once they have committed to a game. Just look how many servers, communities and leagues exist for some very old racing games.