View Full Version : No visual rubber build up on Xbox One version??

06-09-2015, 06:54
No matter how hard I try - I simply can't get some visual rubber build up (groove) on my Xbox One version of Project CARS.

Can anyone confirm that this is only visible on the PS4 and PC version??

I'm running a Quick Race at Monza GP with GT3 cars - 60 min qualification and 27 laps in the race.

Not once does it show any groove or rubber build up in clear conditions.


PTG Baby Cow
06-09-2015, 15:12
I don't think this is visual only something u feel.

06-09-2015, 15:32
Have to say I've not personally heard anything about rubber build up :-/. I presume you are talking about the discarded rubber like they have in F1?

06-09-2015, 15:34
I don't think this is visual only something u feel.

afaik this is correct, there is no visual effect unfortunately.

TheReaper GT
06-09-2015, 15:37
I'm pretty sure I've seen it on long sessions, the build even carries from qualify to race.

06-09-2015, 17:14
Well, the "SMS Console Lead" staff told me today that it's on all platforms - and to be honest, after watching the F1 Grand Prix at Monza today, the track groove looked actually pretty much identical to the one in PCARS.

Maybe it could be a little more noticeable in the game, but I was surprised that it really wasn't that noticeable in real life either.

So maybe it's all good.

06-09-2015, 17:21
It's pretty subtle but it's definitely in:

The track rubbers in both from second to second and over a race weekend. It reads the rubbering in from where the cars drive exactly. We have a mathematical drop off from the rubbered in portion to the non rubbered in portion of the track. Further modifiers are added for marbled areas.

(The graphical aspect of the above is quite subtle)

Rain can wash the rubber off.

More detail:

Yes there is. The whole track varies as it should second to second, minute to minute, hour to hour.

Stay online later and you'll feel much more grip, go offline later and you'll feel much less.

At the start of a session the track is virgin with constant grip across the surface. The simulation dynamically varies that based on where the cars drive, based on the gforces corner per corner as more rubber is laid down and more marbles and dirt accumulate offline.

On the straights you'll not find much change, with the exception of braking areas where rubber is laid down under heavy braking and a washboard effect tends to increase on the surface over time..

06-09-2015, 17:49
Like I said - it's the visual part that needs a little bump up.. :D

Dynomight Motorsports
06-09-2015, 20:28
I've never noticed any progressive build up of rubber, but I use the black marks ie Rubber buildup going into the turns as my braking points. There is always rubber in the turns signalling the groove on my game.