View Full Version : Uk based drivers looking for league racing

06-09-2015, 15:30
Hi all,

Myself and a few more are looking for a regular league fixture, we can pretty much race any night, just looking for something that is stable and friendly as we are too! also prefer a locked server;)

Cheers Ace.

06-09-2015, 17:02
I don't think you'd be disappointed with either raceconnect.com or ukcdracing.co.uk, both professionally organised and don't tolerate idiots.

VTCC admin
07-09-2015, 15:11

08-09-2015, 16:50
Hi Acestu, I sent you a friend request on Steam. Im organizing a GT3 League for European players. Though our first race is already today, the total schedule includes 8 races hosted on a weekly basis (Tuesdays @6PM UTC)

It is a team-based event meaning that everyone has to team up with another person. Right now we have 13 teams (26 players) that are in this league, meaning that we have room for at least 3 more teams (6 players). I can tell you more about it through Steam, or alternatively you could go here: http://www.kineticignition.com/kunena/gt3-series-europe

11-09-2015, 13:04
Hey :)

The Gentlemen's Club - TGC is also an option :) The NCC (New Comer Club) opened 1 week ago. Just visit the TGC-NCC thread for more informations :)

Maybe we see each other, cheers!