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07-09-2015, 00:31
To me FFB is FFB once i found my Global settings i can use the same in car FFB in every car... all cars feel Great and still have their own Handling identity that is unique to that car...The way i see it is the in car FFB is the ROAD... The Road doe's Not change because you change your car... What changes is the way every car will handle a Bumpy track, Sharp Curves or Rumble strips. I don't understand why some use different in car FFB for every car if the Global settings are set right.. To me when you use different in Car FFB for every Car what you are doing is Creating Generic Road feel that takes away from the Natural Handling of that car... EX: GT3 Bentley and the GT3 Porsche Ride and handle very different... The Porsche is Rear Engine, the Bentley is Front Engine and they are different weight Bias... IMO The FFB is just FFB you set the effects that you want to feel and how strong you want certain effects to be... The rest Needs to be done with suspension tuning.

This is a Video of the Ruff RS-8 GT3 with stock un-tuned suspension on Watkins Glen GP Not even Aero was added!!! just a Good Global settings and in car FFB Tweek. I will Run a Few laps with the Bentley Continental GT3 and post the Video to compare the two very different cars running the same in car FFB settings.

Post your Videos here so we can compare the Graphs and lets talk about FFB...

Im using PS4, CSW v2 wheel, V3 Pedals and my own FFB Tweek.

PS4 PCars

07-09-2015, 04:43
Mclaren GT3
one in Car FFB to rule them All


07-09-2015, 04:45
Bentley Continental GT3
Same in Car FFB!!! One In Car FFB Rules them All!!!


07-09-2015, 04:47
Using 1 in Car FFB setting is Much Easier and All Cars Remain with their own unique Feel and Driving Feel.