View Full Version : Qualifying ends without anyone setting a time??

07-09-2015, 13:34

Just working my way through career mode and I'm currently racing in the GT3 US Trophy with the McLaren 12c GT3 car, I did the first race at Watkins Glen and completed P1 & 2/Q1 & 2/R1 & 2.

Moved to the next track (Road America) and completed P1 & P2/Q1 but for some reason Q2 is ending abruptly on the out lap without anyone setting a time?

Just wondered if this was a known issue or is it part of the game to simulate a cancelled qualifying session or something? I tried restarting and it did the same again.

Thanks, Andy.

07-09-2015, 13:41
Bit of an update, so I restarted the Q2 session again as soon as I passed the straight/finish line it said, 'qualifying finished, final lap'. So it let me finish that lap with me on pole and none of the other drivers actually set a time??

07-09-2015, 15:47
Do you have the sessions set too short for anyone to set a lap?

08-09-2015, 00:08
Shouldn't be possible with qualifying. No matter how short you set your race duration, qualifying is not supposed to go below 10 minutes. Even at 1%, Qual will still be 10 minutes.

08-09-2015, 01:59
But I have had this to happen at road America as well.

08-09-2015, 15:57
Does this only happen with GT3 on that specific race series?

Can you try setting up a second profile and starting a different series/different car and see if it happens? Have you found any circumstances where this problem corrects itself? As much information as you can provide abotu exactly what you're doing when this problem occurs will help the Dev team better isolate the problem and prevent it from happening to others in the future.

Data such as Class/Specific Car, tracks, race series, race settings (duration, difficulty, etc), how you are progressing through the sessions (are you skipping to end of session, are you letting previous session run its course and then exiting to menu and re-loading or continuing on from previous session to qual). As much data as you can think to put down will help narrow this down.

Have to admit I've never heard this one before. If the Devs haven't heard/see this either, then all the more reason to provide them as much data as possible.