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Gavin Thomas
07-09-2015, 16:18
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I'm currently looking for a team mate for the VTCC (http://vtcc.co.uk/calendar/)(Virtual Touring Car Championship).

The first round of their championship kicks off 25th September at Silverstone National.

I know there are some good racers here on this forum, so I'm hoping someone is up for the challenge.

If you are fast awesome, if you are not well that's cool too :cool:
All I really ask from a team mate is that you never give up!
After all this is racing where things can and will go wrong, where that bad start can turn into an unbelievable win.

I'll also be recording all races for my YouTube channel as well, so if you have a channel to it could make for a great collaboration :rolleyes:

Any questions comment below, interested in teaming up add me on steam.

Alex Hobbs
14-09-2015, 21:43
Was tempted but saw the calendar and I'm not around for a fair chunk of it. Good luck in the races and I hope you get a fast team mate :D

18-09-2015, 16:04
Good luck Chilli

21-09-2015, 11:01
Hi There!

I'm new to this forum but if you're still looking for a team-mate then I would love to be considered! :)