View Full Version : Seeing Custom Liveries

Sea Skimmer
07-09-2015, 18:39
I have made a custom livery and it works. I have made my son a custom livery and that also works. Now when we play a Lan game his custom livery shows up as the wireframe on my computer but shows up fine on his computer. Is there a way I can get his custom livery to show up on my computer with my custom livery showing at the same time while we race against A.I and obviously my custom livery showing up on his computer while he races with his custom livery ?

I know this can't be done online as everyone would have to have everyone else's livery but I was wondering if there was a way with our Lan game as we can swap custom livery's.

07-09-2015, 19:03
Did you replace the custom livery AI files on each computer? With his livery on your computer and vice versa?

Sea Skimmer
07-09-2015, 19:44
No I did not try that. But wouldn't replacing the A.I make all the other A.I cars the same ?

Siberian Tiger
07-09-2015, 19:56
AFAIK that won't work. Since the Game only Supports 1 Costum Livery... It's still on the To Do list AFAIK...

07-09-2015, 19:57
No, the "factory" AI liveries are - like the standard player liveries- stored in encrypted bff-files.. In the vehicles/textures/customliveries you can only change the player custom livery and the custom livery for the AI..

07-09-2015, 20:09
The wireframe is saved in the folder I mentioned, so give it a try.. You can't do much damage

Neil Bateman
07-09-2015, 21:05
Only one custom livery per car, if every player had a custom livery in their custom skins folder they would only ever see that livery when someone else is using a custom skin online.

You only see the wireframe if you have not added a custom skin in your own game, just like the one set up per car thing this is a big let down for me, really hope it will change soon.

Sea Skimmer
08-09-2015, 14:19
Did you replace the custom livery AI files on each computer? With his livery on your computer and vice versa?

Yes it did work I can see his custom livery and he mine ! thank you.

Now when im shunted off the track my son can't say it was a computer A.I that did it, then again I won't be able to get away with that either,heh.