View Full Version : Lmp3 US Semi Pro Issue

09-09-2015, 04:53
I thought that would be fixed. But now I have run 10 !!!!!! times that championship and get not the success for it. I know that some reported this 2 months ago here in the forum. Im now in season 38 in career because of this issues. Is that reported to dev team?

09-09-2015, 15:11
Which LMP3 semi pro? the Caterham S/P300 one or the Radical one? I just completed the LMP3 Semi Pro (Caterham version) US Cup on Monday, moved on without a hitch to the Euro Championship.

09-09-2015, 19:10
I tried both a couple of times and I never get the success. So I can't get the invite for that championship. At the end I see the pokal that I won. But when I go back to the calender I get no message. I tried that now 10 times and have invested 100 hrs in the career mode.

10-09-2015, 02:36
I'm pretty sure that the first time I did the LMP3 Semi Pro series (in Caterham) I had earned my way up after racing the Clio cup. This time around I just started there from a fresh install/profile. It let me complete the three races, then move on to the Euro Championship Semi Pro.

Don't know what to tell you...

10-09-2015, 05:49
I don't give up that save. I have no time for another 100 hour career. Even the invites for the 2 and 4 championships. didn't work. That 3 are the one I need to get all career goals. I have reached them more than once

10-09-2015, 08:12
If you don't give up the save ( I don't do either after 200+ hours) you'll never see that unlocked as well as the 2 and 4 times team championship- reward events.
The only way for us to see these events unlocked is to hope that this issue will be fixed after all that time.

10-09-2015, 15:55
My first lost save was with around 117 hours career. I had completed Zero-to-Hero and was had just completed the second of three LMP1 championships for that achievement when the save went kaput. Have lost 4 more times since then, but I've never put the same effort into career mode again. It hurt too bad.

If the game is still working for you, definitely do not delete the save unless you must. Even still, once a fix is found for the save file problems, I do not think anyone already experiencing problems will have them fixed after the patch unless they do reset their save. The problem is already part of your save file. I assume that if any fix does come out, it will be a preventative fix, preventing the problem from happening again.