View Full Version : Something is messed up with my g27 pedals after reinstalling profiler

10-09-2015, 15:02

i had to reinstall my logitech profiler, since i'm done my g27 pedals aren't working anymore in Project cars the way they should.
only my clutch is working fine, my break and accerlate pedal give 100% Output after pressing the pedal like 1 mm, there is no more line from 1-100%, just allways 100% break and accerlate.
if i reenter my accerlate and break pedal in the Settings the shown axis changes from the standart Setup to another, after that i'm also able to recalibrate my pedals ingame from 0-100% which is working fine.
after i did a recalibrate i get the next Problem, my accerlate and break pedal is shown now allways as 50% pressed and they give no more Response when i press them. my car trys now to go full throttle all the time without doing anything.
my pedals are working fine in other games tho, also worked since release of pcars until my reinstall of the profiler today.
also curious, if i choose a g25 instead of my g27 in the Settings menu of pcars my pedals are working fine ingame?!
if i'm running pCars without profiler installed i got the same Problem, so i guess it's prolly not/not only my profiler.

in other words:

after resetting my g27 Settings in pcars = pressing accerlate or break 1 mm = instantly 100% accerlate/break, no curve anymore
Basic Buttons g27 in pcars Settings after reset = accerlate Joy Axis -S0 // Break Joy Axis +S0

if i Change them by clicking accerlate/break in the pCars Settings and then press my pedal = accerlate Joy Axis -Y // break Joy Axis -Rz

after changing them, i get no more Response from my accerlate/break pedal ingame.
only my clutch stays Joy Axis -S1 all the time and it's the only pedal which is working perfectly fine.