View Full Version : Denlocs tyres

10-09-2015, 19:12
I try Denlocs with RUF CTR.
Car turns weak, although i spinn steering wheel like never before :)
It is a little stange for me because i thing that weak steering is caused by weak tyres grip. But i haven't noticed decrease overall grip. There wasn't ice driving or something like this. Rear axle has approximately the same grip - car doesn't spin often than as usual. Of course i cant measure grip or something. I dont have experience with old sport tires and old sport cars.
I told only about my impressions but it look strange or me. Tires dont want to turn, but also dont lose traction.

It look like changing the steering ratio :)

What are you thing about it?'


sory my mistake - i dont have noticed that in my language game version rear axle tyres are not described in game. So i changed front tyres and dont change rears :)

10-09-2015, 19:23
I think steering ratio is the right answer. Most street cars come with a very slow steering rack.