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11-09-2015, 14:20
Somehow you can remove the clutch completely from your T3PA-PRO and put the brake pedal in its place. Is there a tutorial how to do this?
I really want to do this because I prefer Formula cars where you use no clutch or only a clutch button, and I could use the extra place for bigger paddles on both the throttle and the brake pedal.

11-09-2015, 16:02
I saw that somewhere online, but can't remember where. Pretty sure I stumbled across it searching for brake mods on Google or YouTube, though. I've also seen people just get a double wide brake pedal and mount it across the T3PA brake and clutch arms, using the far left and right screw holes on the pad. I was actually looking into the latter, myself. While removing the clutch seemed like a good approach, I was afraid that,at some point down the road, I'd want to use it. But I've since ordered a cockpit rig with no center post and the pedal plate allows you to adjust the horizontal position of the pedal set. There might be a wheel stand option that allows horizontal adjustment.

11-09-2015, 17:18
i did this. I can help. Use this to help you open up the pedals. Will walk you through the proper order of unscrewing everything. Its real easy to do. I have opened my pedals countless times.


This would be my advice for doing it. First you need to decide a few things. Do you want to put the brake where the clutch is or do you wanna keep in same place. By putting brake where the clutch is you will spread out the pedals so make sure this is something you will like. You can test now by just pretending the clutch is the brake and see how it feels. I drive karts so used to a gas tank between my legs and having pedals wider so It felt fine to me.

You need to also decide if you wanna just remove the clutch completely or hide it.

removal. You will just cut the one wire to the clutch and slide the pedal off the rod. thats all there is to it. You will have to splice the wires if you wanna put back on.

hide it. I slide the brake and clutch off the rod. I then removed the actual pedal arm but not the pedal casing. So i just removed the part that sticks up out of pedal base. I then slide the clutch on first where brake was and then brake where clutch is. This way if I ever want my clutch just reopen and put pedal arm back on and put in proper place. this is what I did.


The second pics lets you see the inside and the rod that runs through all three I was talking about. Feel free to ask any more questions. You can see the clutch pedal in the first pic sitting to the top of photo. This was before i knew what to do with it. I was worried if I cut the wire it would mess up the signal so I was just gonna let it sit on ground next to pedals. I found from research this is not the case and will work when cut but I then got the idea to just remove pedal arm and keep it in the pedal case. I remember the pedal arm being tough to remove. I forget why though. I might of needed a tool I didn't have but got it out never the less.

one other thing. By having the pedals like this you wont have to have your braking leg in a weird angle compared to gas pedal leg. They will be even, and will be comfortable to drive for hours and hours. If you like the traditional leg positions where your braking foot is close to the gas foot and lower at angle then don't slide the brake pedal out to where clutch is. It will feel weird at first if you do move it out, will take a day to adjust but then it will be all good.

13-09-2015, 09:36
Ok, I took the pedals apart, I'm about to pull the pedals off the rod. What I can't see is how am I gonna have enough cables for both the throttle and the brake to reach the small printed circuit.Originally the circuit is in the brake's casing, in the middle, so it has a very short wire only. The throttle's wire is not long enough to reach the circuit if I leave it in the brake's casing.
Maybe it would be simpler just to replace the brake spring with the clutch spring?
Also I don't see how it is possible how to remove the pedal rod from the clutch casing yet.

17-09-2015, 18:06
I know bumping is not nice, but I'm really stuck here at the moment...