View Full Version : What DLC stands for?

11-09-2015, 17:28
Hi all,

I guess it is an optional package of cars and tracks that you can purchase separately. Am I right?

As for free updates, do I have to do something to get them? Or should I only turn PC on while connected to the internet and the magig will be done?

Another dumb question... :-) is it possible to change the cars color or brand ? can you customize it anyway?


11-09-2015, 18:17
Correct downloadable content.
There is free dlc as well as paid for dlc in the ps store.
As for updates as long as ps4 connected to internet they should automatically download if any are available. Or highlight pcars on the ps4 dashboard (the icon you use to launch game) hit options button and select check for updates.

TheReaper GT
11-09-2015, 18:29
Game updates should be automatically installed on your ps4. Free content(free cars) , however, has to be manually downloaded.

11-09-2015, 20:27
DLC can mean different things depending on the developer.
In theory it means "downloadable content" but it can also mean "disc locked content".

11-09-2015, 23:27
Thank you guys. I am very happy to know that Project Cars has a very friendly community that helps total newbies like me.

I am the type of guy that likes to read manuals. I thought I would find everything about the game written somewhere.

I don´t know whether on purpose or not, but the available manual doesn´t cover any specific detais about anything :-)

Thanks God you´re here.

12-09-2015, 03:24
Great bunch here on this forum.
To be honest there is too much information to be included in a manual. you'll get a lot from the sticky threads on this forum. There's some very insightful information around. Try the search function and have a read. Do be careful the rabbit hole is pretty deep ;)