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13-09-2015, 04:41
Hi all,

Warning: Loves Racing but pretty new to racing Sims.

Despite the glitches that Project Cars has, I am so pleased we have a really good title on our hands a console "game" that's very realistic, something we used to only see on PC back in the day.

Anyway, I'm a bit at a loss of a starting point of where to look on the web. Essentially, I am after a guide of some sort to inform me of what all the lines on the tarmac and curbing mean etc. For example, when you start the round from the pits I was unaware that it was required for me to stay within the yellow lined lane and also while driving later that I wasn't allowed to enter into the yellow lane. I kept incurring penalties for breaching that rule. There are also curbs with different colour stripes, yellow zig zags on the roads etc.

Clearly some lines on the road will be local traffic indicators for street tracks but is there a reference document from a standards authority we can access to put these lines to a meaning?



14-09-2015, 00:32
Hi there. (wow 104 views but not one bit of help great job guys)

Specific lines are for pit exiting only, if you watch F1 you will see these cars cannot cross this line as it's a little dangerous.
Different coloured kerbs don't really mean much it just depends on the track and track area. Although in this game, Kerbs with Green runoff areas incur penalties, although this is not the case in real racing.

Other than that, the white lines on either side of the track is where you want to stay, unless its the pit straight where the other white line will appear, avoid it, stay inbetween white lines at all times when exiting pits. Unless it's monaco, in which you will receive a cut penalty for this, yet another bug SMS need to address.