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13-09-2015, 10:50
As a suggestion aka like I-Racing, I feel that SMS would benefit from a points system for contact to try and advocate clean racing.

e.g. max of five contact strikes pro-rated per # of laps, and once they're gone yooooou're out. Consistent infringements would equal a one day sin bin slowly increasing. There obviously should be a sessions that you can join for any amateur racers not subject to such rules.

I actually started an absolutely awesome race yesterday at Zolder only to be then mullered off by the player I had just past after patiently waiting for a clean opportunity to overtake.

I always race clean never trying to get into that impossible / non-existent gap but unfortunately this is not advocated by all/any (you choose) players.

Whilst I understand you can join clubs etc, for myself a casual gamer who plays when time permits being a family man cannot join a club for obvious reasons around set times etc.

Please please please can you consider it/include this option in Pcars 2. I feel this would be a sweet deal for SMS and help their market share in this gaming segment because outside P2P, this system does not exist?

13-09-2015, 11:05
Falling on deaf ears, nice that you have recommended all of these ideas but since I've been on the forum which isn't that long really i have seen many threads like this come and go unfortunately