View Full Version : Photo mode on by default

13-09-2015, 13:56
Hey guys, I have a problem, every time I go into a race/practice the camera in the cockpit view is always looking down towards the drivers knees and the bottom of the steering wheel. Is there anyway to change it back to it's default view and keep it like that because currently each time I go into a race I have to manually reset the view cycling through CTRL+k and then pressing Numpad 5 on the keyboard to center it back to normal.

Any advice?


TheReaper GT
13-09-2015, 14:43
Would you be kind and post a screenshot? Maybe seat position is wrong.

13-09-2015, 17:20

This happens every time I park my rear in a car.

TheReaper GT
13-09-2015, 18:33
Looks like seat tilt forward. try map seat adjustment keys to correct this

14-09-2015, 00:01
It's not seat angle even though it may look like it. I have to press CTRL+K a few times to enter a different mode and then press Numpad 5 to centre it back to normal. Then exit out of Photo mode by cycling through CTRL+K until back to normal.

Any devs know how?