View Full Version : NEW UK LEAGUE - amateur racers looking for others for weekly/fortnightly race series

Made in 89
13-09-2015, 15:40
Hi everyone.

My friend and I are looking for others to create a weekly racing league.
We would be looking at Sunday race meets consisting of 30 min qualifying and 30 min races (we also may have 30 min practice pre qually, but thats not 100% yet)
We like to race with no assists, full sim settings, internal cameras for proper simulation racing. We would race a series over multiple appropriate tracks, then once concluded swap to a different series of car.
Likely to start in either clio cup or porsche super cup but again nothing is 100% decided.

If you an amateur to average and clean racer with respect for your fellow drivers and can make race meets on Sunday evenings on a weekly or fortnightly basis please respond here, message me, or add and message me on xbox (GT: Made in 89)

Thanks for reading, and hopefully hear from some of you soon!

Made in 89
21-09-2015, 16:46
First series due to start this Sunday (27/09/2015) in clio cup cars.
Race day will begin at 8pm and consist of a 30min qually session followed by a 30min (roughly) race.
This will be a 6 race series over 6 weeks to ease everyone in and get everyone to know one another etc
Tracks will be decided this evening and listed here asap (UK tracks such as donnington, silverstone, oulton park will be used to stay true to the car class used)

Anyone who has previously shown an interest will have been sent an xbox message by me, and anyone wishing to join us should contact me on her, or preferably on xbox (GT: Made in 89)

Thanks guys and look forward to seeing some of you hopefully!

Made in 89
22-09-2015, 11:56
Just to update, pushed back slightly to 9pm and track list now decided:

27/09 - Donnington Park National
4/10 - Oulton Park Island
11/10 - Cadwell Club
18/10 - Silverstone National
25/10 - Snetterton 200
8/11 - Brand Hatch Indy

26-09-2015, 16:39
Have u got a full grid yet?

Made in 89
27-09-2015, 08:48
5-6 of us at the moment so more than happy for more to join.
If you can make 9pm tonight for an hour or so then add me on Xbox live :)

27-09-2015, 17:55
add me brummy2013 looking for frendly racers :)