View Full Version : Option in Config "sleepActive" - what do you set in your Servers?

13-09-2015, 16:11
Hey guys,

the server has a option called "sleepActive".
This is the Option where you can set how often the Server want to poll the Client.
Standard is 10 (ms).

First question:
What happens if the Client cannot answer in a time set in the Config?

Second Question:
How did you set this Option on your Servers?

Can Value can make Problems?
If i set 8ms the Server should be "smoother" than 10ms.
But what happens if some Clients aren't able to answer in this Time?

14-09-2015, 11:06

today or tomorrow i will test with a 66,66Hz setting, ergo sleepActive=15

15-09-2015, 21:39
today or tomorrow i will test with a 66,66Hz setting, ergo sleepActive=15Hi,

we had some tests today with
sleepActive : 15

We didn't recognized any problems.

Maybe it was pure sheer ... we had no disconnects at all.
In one Session there were 17 guys, parallel there were in other session 6 and 2 guys (on the same machine).

We will have a look on that in the future, at the moment i run the league Servers with this Option mentioned above.

13-12-2015, 13:56
Hi guys, i want to setup my DS any tips with value is best? When i setup values bigger than 10 i faced the problem that some players were kicked automatically. Now i'm using 5 and i do not faced this again. Did someone tyried smaller values? Any experience if the crash detection of the game workes better with low values or higher values?