View Full Version : Another Landmine Issue. Silverstone

13-09-2015, 18:30
I want to attach another video showing more 'land mining'. This was me racing AI alone with no multiplayer implementation.

Solo race over 25 laps.


13-09-2015, 19:50
I had something very similar happen to me this morning. Didn't know what to call it, but i think 'landmine' is very accurate. All of a sudden the cap felt like to was blasted off the raod. Mine wasn't as bad as this, however it happened twice in the same race in different spots of the track (Laguna Seca). Bug for sure.

13-09-2015, 19:58
still happens randomley at Sonoma Short, Sonoma GP, Dubai International, Hockenheim GP, Oulton Park International, Watkins Glen GP, Imola, Monza GP and Nurburgring GP at least for me. i have given up posting them...never get replies nor any feedback, IMHO, a problem they can not locate nor remove, they can't pin point the problem IMO. (because it is random and can't be reproduced, same as "drive" out of pits, where car just does not move, have to click back to pits again, or AI returning to pits on in lap after race smashes car into wall and gets stuck...)