View Full Version : North American Open Wheel leagues?

14-09-2015, 12:28
I Have been checking this forum regularly for an Open Wheel league within the North American time zones, but haven't found one as of yet. So, if there is one out there, please let me know, I would like to join. Cheers!!

14-09-2015, 17:58
I hope one does come up too, looking too!

14-09-2015, 20:07
Check us out, NAFARG FA

Race starts every Thursday, 3pm EST.

I am the only USA driver in the group.

PSN: KingFuzz69

Thank you.

14-09-2015, 22:47
ya...3 pm is a problem though...damn work!!

15-09-2015, 16:34
We're new and looking for clean drivers ,members and admins we open wheel and GT3 right now but will evventually open up other classes come check us out leave any input we're open to ideas and suggestions... https://www.facebook.com/Project-Cars-North-America-444566862412161/timeline/

15-09-2015, 16:35
Project Cars North America https://www.facebook.com/Project-Cars-North-America-444566862412161/timeline/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/1023537054357983/

15-09-2015, 19:13
Thanks JewBoSS I will have a look!!