View Full Version : California Highway Westbound TT

PTG Baby Cow
14-09-2015, 12:59
This track appears to have some bug or somethign where in the first 10% of the lap no matter where on the track you are located it dirties the lap. I haven't seen any posts regarding this so just wanted to let the devs know about the issue.

Also on a seperate note not sure why but the p2p stages for california highway have terrible framerate drops compared to most of the other tracks. Could have been my xbox as i had played a good part of the day without rebooting the xbox but they were usually in the same exact part of the track so that doesn't seem as likely.

PTG Baby Cow
09-10-2015, 16:48
More info on this issue.

It appears to effect all of the p2p stages as well. At different points throughout the track if you are going over a certain speed than it invalidates your lap. I havent tried this in race or free practice only in time trials. It seems to effect all classes as well. Anyone recognized this issue?