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Little Bastard
14-09-2015, 16:38
This is a pit stop on one of the most famous race tracks in the world. Nürburgring.
Now, Project Cars says you may not drive yourself in the pitlane.
Artificial Intelligence developed by Project Cars team will do that for you. Let's watch AI :

Car: Ruf Rt 12
Track Setup: default
Mode: Time trial


Car: Ruf RGT-8 GT3
Track Setup: default
Mode: Training


This bug was present on the release of the game.
It was not fixed with Patch 2.0
It was not fixed with Patch 2.5
It was not fixed with Patch 3.0
100 % reproducable.
This is not a beta game this a full release, in it's 3rd revision! Professionals at work.

Game Version: 3.0, PC
Wheel: Logi G27

14-09-2015, 16:50
That's a known issue that unfortunately got not fixed in the previous patches but the devs are aware of it.

Closing this because it's already known and (mainly) because of your respectless attitude/posting style.