View Full Version : Steam Redemption Code

14-09-2015, 17:30
Hi received the game as a present yesterday. Whilst removing the sticker that covered the redemption code it removed the middle set of figures/letters
Any idea how I can get this sorted.

Siberian Tiger
14-09-2015, 17:31
First you can try to Put the Sticker back and rub on it might help to transfer the Letters back.

If that does not help the only way is to return it to your Reseller for an exchange...

14-09-2015, 21:34
Mine was like a scratch card, a silver foil i scraped off with a coin.
I haven't seen a redemption code done differently to that before if its completely screwed it looks like sending back to the seller is your only option

or as a last ditch effort but might make sending back difficult - soak it in water and see if it will seperate the bit thats stuck enough to get it off and read the missing bit of your code.

14-09-2015, 23:37
Brute force attack ... Keep subbing out the number until you get it right :)