View Full Version : Bump And Grind!

14-09-2015, 18:36
Is there a post or article anywhere that explains all the suspension and bump settings?

I used to be pretty good at Forza 5 tuning, I had a car or two in most classes sub 100, but as I've mentioned before, Forza settings don't meet the standard of these in Pcars.

An explanation of each and every variable to do with damping and suspension would be invaluable. This should be general knowledge. It won't mean everyone has the exact same setup because drivers and driving styles are different.

Any help appreciated. Thanks. (Big hopeful smiley face)

14-09-2015, 18:56
This thread (http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?22501-Project-Cars-Tuning-Guide-3f-and-case-studies-now-live!) contains some videos that go through settings from a basic level to more advanced.

If you've used other real life sources for tuning information they will apply just as well. Only thing to remember is camber is not quite right and you'll be better off in most instances keeping it minimal.