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15-09-2015, 08:59
Hi guys,
I organise an online racing league on a Wednesday night and have around 6 spaces free for this week.
We race radicals with full tunes allowed.
2 races a night, a 30 minute feature race with a pit stop and a 15 minute sprint race.
At the moment we have around 10 members (this is our 1st season) but all drivers have come from a very experienced xbox 360 club.
If you would like to know more please just ask or add me on XBL (webb770)
We have a newly set up Facebook page for points but I will post full rules below

15-09-2015, 09:01
ARC Radical trophy

Welcome to the ARC radical trophy.
The series will feature 1 championship in the form of a drivers championship.

The championship will be run over a 10 week calendar racing on tracks all over the world across the xbox one platform.
Each race night will be made up of a qualifying session, 1 feature race and 1 sprint race.
Full details on this championship can be found below.

Qualifying will start at the specified time without fail. This will be decided by the time shown on the hosts console.

It will be a 10 minute qualifying session with the fastest time taking pole.

If a driver misses qualifying they will start from the back of the grid for race 1 (feature race)

Race 1 (feature race)
Race 1 will be a standing start using project cars lighting/starting procedure.

Starting order will be determined by qualifying result.

It will be as close to a 30 minute race as possible depending on lap time.

There will also be a mandatory pit stop which must be made at any point in the race except the last lap.

Race 2 (sprint race)
Race 2 will be a rolling start with the lead car determining the start.

Starting order will be a complete finishing order reversal from race 1 (I.e if you win race 1 you will start from last for race 2 and if you finish last in race 1 you will be on pole for race 2.

The race distance will be as close to 15 minutes as possible depending on lap time.

This is a straight race to the flag with no mandatory pit stop.

Each season will also feature a Endurance race. This will be an hour and 20 minutes in length with pit stops being suggested but not mandatory.
Qualifying will be 10 minutes as usual and the race will follow the same guidelines as a usual feature race.
Points will be combined between a feature and sprint race. (Please see points table)

Car specs-
Car type: radical SR3 RS


For season 1, you will not be restricted to 1 livery. This will change in coming seasons.


Race 1 (feature race)

1st = 30 points / 2nd = 25 points / 3rd = 23 points / 4th = 20 points / 5th = 19 points /
6th = 18 points / 7th = 17 points / 8th = 16 points / 9th = 15 points / 10th = 14 points /
11th = 13 points / 12th = 12 points / 13th = 11 points / 14th = 10 points / 15th = 9 points / 16th = 8 points / 17th = 7 points / 18th = 6 points / 19th = 5 points / 20th = 4 points / 21nd = 3 points / 22nd = 2 points / 23rd = 1 point

Race 2 (sprint race)

1st = 15 points / 2nd = 13 points / 3rd = 12 points / 4th = 11 points / 5th = 10 points /
6th = 9 points / 7th = 8 points / 8th = 7 points / 9th = 6 points / 10th = 5 points / 11th = 4 points / 12th = 3 points / 13th = 2 points / 14th = 1 point


Race 1 (feature race)
1st = 45 points / 2nd = 38 points / 3rd = 35 points / 4th = 33 points / 5th = 29 points /
6th = 27 points / 7th =25 points / 8th = 23 points / 9th = 21 points / 10th = 19 points /
11th = 17 points / 12th = 15 points / 13th = 13 points / 14th = 11 points / 15th = 9 points / 16th = 8 points / 17th = 7 points / 18th = 6 points / 19th = 5 points / 20th = 4 points / 21nd = 3 points / 22nd = 2 points / 23rd = 1 point

Signing In

You will be automatically invited for qualifying if you have registered an interest in racing in that season.
Please ensure you have webb770 as a friend and are showing as online.

All weather will be set to clear and midday for season 1

Lobby setting
Real Failure- OFF
Suggested line- OFF


Spa francorchamps
Brands hatch (Indy)
Laguna seca
Snetterton 300
Silverstone national
Bathurst (enduro round)----------WE ARE HERE
Catalunya club
Nurburgring go
Sonoma national (NASCAR)

15-09-2015, 11:23
I'm interested for future events but this Wednesday is a little short notice .I like to be prepared lol.

15-09-2015, 13:54
I'm interested for future events but this Wednesday is a little short notice .I like to be prepared lol.

That's fine mate, we are seeing out season 1 now and preparing for next season.
If you like, come along for the start of qualifying, meet the drivers and see what we do in preparation for future races?
Add me on XBL (webb770)

16-09-2015, 08:35
What time Wednesdays are you racing? I am interested, but wouldn't be able to race every Wednesday due to my job.

16-09-2015, 10:16
It's 8:30 GMT.
It's no problem if you can't make every round, we will be introducing drop scores next season to help people who work nights, have kids or just generally cannot make every round.
Would you like an invite to tonight's race?

17-09-2015, 13:15
We're getting some good interest and still have spaces available!
If you're free on a Wednesday then feel free to come have a look and see what we do

19-09-2015, 13:20
Anyone else interested?

19-09-2015, 20:52
im interested but im no sterling moss by a long chalk...
i also work shifts so for two weeks of a month i wont be able to race in the evenings ...
but if your ever in need of someone to make up the number and im online feel free to shoot me an invite ..
i race clean and i will never hit another racer intentionally i like to race not bumber cars lol

19-09-2015, 23:44
You sound like our kind of driver!
We have space at the moment so I will send you an invite week to week.

12-10-2015, 08:44
We are now preparing for season 2. If anyone would like an invite into pretty season tests please just ask