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16-09-2015, 10:45
I've been playing LMP1 endurance career (Tri Nations) in the RWD P30. At monza (100% race at 95% difficulty weather was light cloud to start then light rain at about half way through then cleared after about 30laps to light cloud again) on about the 10th lap the screen froze for about 5-7 seconds as I approached ascari chicane, audio continued and I could steer, change gear etc, but no visual. Then the game resumed as normal - I had crashed of course! As it was so early in the race I re-started, and turned damage and penalties off. This time I got further but only for the same thing to happen again but this time on the pit straight. I got lucky and rubbed the barrier to continue on with the race. Happend a total of 4 times in the race at various points around the track. I had no problems at Road America (first race) or Bathurst (third race). All this is with a clean install and all pre patch 3 save data deleted.

I have also noticed that in practice if you do a pitstop change tyres or/and add fuel, at the end of pitlane when manual control is resumed brake temperature is reset to cold. In race pitstops a similar thing happens but brake temps are set to around 1400 front and rear rather than remaining consistant with the temp during the pitstop phase. Obviously they cool somewhat whilst you pit, but when manual control is regained the temps jump up. Hardly game breaking but somewhat immersion breaking. Also the Motec display does not show correct temps compared to telemetry whilst in the pits. Seen this in both LMP2 and LMP1 career races.

The AI in the endurance class is very poor at lapping the slower class cars, it makes the races very easy to win!

Would appreciate these issues being addressed.

I would also like to know if it's possible to race the LMP2 class in endurance. After winning the LMP2 regional and world championships I only had contract offers for the LMP1 endurance class (also got GT endurance offers but I can't remember the class.) I wanted to continue with LMP2 before moving up to LMP1.

16-09-2015, 12:53
Regarding your first point, I had the exact same issue yesterday with the screen freezing for 5 seconds but I could still hear the audio. First time this has happened to me in a while. Did a hard reboot after and has been fine since.

I had only been playing about 10 minutes when I got the issue. It's happened about 4 times since I've had the game.

16-09-2015, 14:22
I always hard reset before playing project cars. Monza is the only track I've had this happen on since patch 1.4.

Done a bit more testing on the brake temp issue and, in addition to my first post above, I noticed that in race pitstops when NOT changing tyres brake temps reset to cold at the end of pitlane. This makes taking the hard or medium tyre to double stint tyres pointless because so much time is lost getting brake temps back up to nominal.

The AI seem to have no issues with brake temps and can always brake late even on their outlap in practice when brakes are supposed to be cold.

Would appreciate it if the devs looked into fixing this.

26-09-2015, 06:23
Quick update post patch 4.

Brake temp issue mostly fixed. Not a big problem but in practice the first pitstop resets brake temps while in pit stall, all subsequent pitstops work correctly. Not tested qualifying, but race stops work now. Thanks SMS!

The problem now is that I can't change tyre compound in a pitstop, changing to inters or wets works but medium / hard dosn't work in pit manager - always fits softs. Only had the issue in career practice sessions (Euro Endurance Monza, RWD P30 LMP1) so far and have not tested qualifying or race. Will be doing qualifying and race later today and will post results, never had this issue before patch 4.

26-09-2015, 22:24
Pit manager not working to change compound, practice qualifying and race. Will change to wet, inters or soft but not medium or hard.

27-09-2015, 09:00
i always thought that issue that you getting always soft are fixed in patch 4.0.

27-09-2015, 11:27
nope...this issue with the tires will be fixed in the next patch...

20-10-2015, 12:20
I also have some problems in the LMP2 Career Season:
The AI seems to have no cold brakes. This is especially annoying when starting the racesessions, as I don't stand any chance for two laps. Even if I start from a good position, I at least lose 5-10 positions. On top of that I sometimes cause crashes, as I have to break very early when I'm in a pack of cars.

Is this supposed to be fixed soon?