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Andrew Anderson
16-09-2015, 15:23
I wanted to see what hardware people are using that are successfully running 3 screens. I have no problem with AC and iRacing on three screens, but pCars is so graphically intense I can't do it.


16-09-2015, 15:30
You can look at my signature but it would help if you listed your hardware along with in game settings

Andrew Anderson
16-09-2015, 21:15

Sorry about that, I was on the run when I posted and didn't take the time to post my specs. I will post in game specs in just a bit. I see yours in your sig...how many frames do you get with those settings?

Win 10 Pro 64 bit
AMD A10-7850K 4.30GHz
Nvidia GTX650Ti

Thomas Superwheel Evolution Analog
Act Labs G27 shifter

Am I really only a small increase in CPU power and a 970 video card away from running 3 screens?

Also, I will soon need act labs shifter parts....I see you use one. Have you been able to contact them? Are they in business?


16-09-2015, 21:18
Mine runs it well, at 60-90 FPS all ultra/high and ds2x or m.

I think you are a way off with highish settings.

17-09-2015, 11:59
how many frames do you get with those settings?

Also, I will soon need act labs shifter parts....I see you use one. Have you been able to contact them? Are they in business?

Running 2 970's its locked at 60 using v sync, I usually run between 10 to 15 cars with various times and weather conditions. I can't remember what I get with v sync off, I will check this weekend.

ActLabs is out of business although amazon has their shifter and pedals for sale. I got in contact with the owner who sent me some parts I will pm you his email address. BTW - I put a momo shift knob on the shifter and it makes a big difference as it has more weight and feels more realistic.

17-09-2015, 17:58
Not to hijack the OP... but that is 3x 1920x1080 right? what about 3x 4k monitors? I re-did my system recently to EVENTUALLY run 3x 4k monitors with Project Cars. I am currently pricing 3x 32" 4k monitors now. Will 2x SLI 980TI do it?

3x 3840x2160 or 11520x2160

17-09-2015, 18:04
My rig has a 980Ti, running triple 24" monitors at up to 144 Hz with G-sync. My framerate is around 100-144 fps in clear weather and 70-100 fps in rain. I have overclocked my GPU a little bit to gain some extra FPS.

Graphic settings is mostly high except grass off and enviroment low, shadows medium. Anti aliasing DS2X and MSAA low.

17-09-2015, 19:54
I run @ 5980x1080 Game runs well with 2x780's, and a single 980. Runs really well with 2x980's, with frame rates over 100 fps. Then there's my new Titan X... weeee.

Andrew Anderson
18-09-2015, 00:46
Broke down and bought a 970. That is an unbelievable amount of improvement. I can run pCars practically maxxed out on 3 screens with no trouble. GeForce 970 highly recommended.

18-09-2015, 12:50
Cool! what size are your monitors?