View Full Version : Clean and Competitive Racing!!!

16-09-2015, 17:52
First off I would like to say what a great game Project Cars is and will be for a while looking at the new Forza 6 game (let down some say but cmon this is Forza).Project Cars is the racing game to play and to make it more interesting we want competitive and clean friendly lobbies as I'm sure you do to.

So this puts me on to having a lobby of clean racers who can be competitive against the members we already possess, who by my accounts are some of the quickest and cleanest racers I have raced with and I have raced over 500 races in many random lobbies picking up a number of racers along the way.

My challenge is this: Can you be clean and quick in all classes??, Do you need advice on set up or any other driving/racing tips etc??.. If you think your quick and clean or as I say need advice come on over to HornetVenom's lobby, we are a friendly and close group and would like to see who else out there wants to be competitive and have a good night racing in a fun group.

If your interested then we usually start our lobbies about 9PM UK time, Feel free to come and test your skills.

If you want to add me my gamer tag is SiLeNt EsKiM0 <<with a zero on the end. Peace Out ;)

16-09-2015, 17:53
Well we had a lobby open last night hoping for people to come and challenge me or any other racer in our group and im afraid to say we had no one challenge again.. a bit boring without competition dont you think ??