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Chaka pWND U
17-09-2015, 08:31
Wasn't hard to do considering this game is the worst buggy laggy racing game to date. Not sure how Microsoft even allowed this on the Xbox One. I haven't seen this bad of a racing game since the 90s

The basics of developing a racing game is to insure the frame rate and basic track offline doesn't have any lagging or frame rate drops - this game has been garbage on the basics since day one. We are into the 5th generation of consoles and there is simple no excuse for this poor coding.

Was willing to wait and see the dedication of these guys to work out the bugs, but it pretty clear they are clueless and after almost a year - still haven't figured out the dizzy speed up/slow down lag that plagues this game still to this day.

Really wanted somebody to step in and compete with Turn 10, but it pretty clear after playing Forza 6 (after I traded this game in for nickels) that this franchise is going to die an early death.

It was a short run - at least you tried.

Peace out and enjoy the FAILBOAT that is Project cars until it sinks to the bottom of the ocean

RIP Project Cars - 2014-2015




17-09-2015, 08:32

Don't let the door hit you on the way out.