View Full Version : What's this?

Heinz Martin
18-09-2015, 16:44
What's this? I don't see this Aston in my garage.
I looked for news in the forum, with no success.


18-09-2015, 16:46
Lucky dog, need to take that guy to its big brother next door.

Nico Herrmann
18-09-2015, 16:46
hacked version. The cars are on youre hard drive but not unlocked.

18-09-2015, 16:47
Someone on the PC hacked the game... It's not the only video out there on this, but we have stated that those videos are not to be posted here. Thanks.

Del Zotto x82x
18-09-2015, 16:47
Hey some weird stuff happened to me on sunday.. I loaded up PCARS too find I only had DLC cars in my garage and I didn't have most of the cars that came with the game.. I searched the forum like crazy but I couldn't find the exact situation, some similar but not exact.. But I was advised by buddys to do a hard reset and eventually they came back...