View Full Version : Big TT Problem after Patch 4.0? (No Starting Brake Temp)

19-09-2015, 00:28
Testing cars in TT at Raupuna after patch 4.0 (PC) I sadly note that brake temps now start STONE COLD :disillusionment: - rather than at the optimal brake temps in the previous patch! It now takes 2-3 laps of short tracks to get brake temps anywhere near stabilised or ideal. The tyre temps still start at optimal tyre warmed settings (same as in the previous patch version).

I see this new TT bug/feature as a MAJOR problem for us TT'ers, since it -

(a) Means you have NO IDEA what the optimal brake temps for any car should be (before, the start optimal temp for each car could easily be seen). Thus, tuning the brake cooling etc to "optimal" settings during a TT lap is now almost impossible (since you dont know what the exact ideal start temp is) and therefore becomes a frustrating, time wasting exercise.

(b) Your first 1-2 laps are now purely slow setup adjustment guesswork laps since you HAVE NO BRAKES when you arrive at the first few corners. This means you cant take advantage of the optimal tyre temps at the start. Which now results in slower hot-lap times. I can't get anywhere near my previous best times on the half-dozen track / car combos I've tried today. :( eg: due to the combination of (a) & (c), my FA record lap time at Raupuna Outer Loop of 40.896 set with old patch is completely un-reachable, since for some reason the new patch has messed up my previous setup for that track. Trying to re-set based on memory isnt working, nor is not knowing the exact optimal brake temp at the start of the lap. Most of my FA best laps had been set in 1st or 2nd lap with optimal starting tyre AND brake temps, allowing me to hammer from the start. Not now. This is very dis-appointing guys... can fix asap please?

19-09-2015, 01:07
It's also done this to pit stops in formula a in career. With 3.0 I'd come out of the pits no problem. Last night with 4.0 every time I pitted I'd come out with stone cold brakes. Caught me out big time the first time when I arrived at druids with no brakes and just went straight on into the wall. Almost cost me a victory.

Other than that I'm loving 4.0. No other problems to report so far.