View Full Version : custom livery only showing up all black

19-09-2015, 14:21
Ok - I've tried and tried and am super frustrated...
I cant figure out what I'm doing wrong...

I downloaded the editable template for a vehicle from this site...
I've been editing it for a while and have something I want to test...
I've been working on it and saving it as a .psd file in photoshop CS6 as I've been working on it...
I'm finally ready to try it in the game...
I have the image nose up and have done a SAVE AS and have titled it AUDI_R8_LMS_LIVERY_PLAYER and saved it as a .dds file
I have then taken this image and replaced the same named filed in the right folder in my steam app
but when I go in the game the car shows up as all black

what am I doing wrong here... I cant figure it out for the life of me - it seems like everyone is able to do this so easily and for someone that normally knows his way around a computer - I'm at a loss


if this is some easy thing if jacked up - please let me know
otherwise if someone wants to walk me through this like I'm a 2 year old - we may be at that stage too...


19-09-2015, 16:46
Guess I can't help you too much cause I'm using Gimp.. Did you save it as DXT1 (I think, can't check it because I'm online on my iPhone) and with mipmaps? Did you create a flat file first?

19-09-2015, 17:23
I did merge all my layers and flatten it before saving it as a dds file
What is a DXT1 file??
Is that what I need to save it as - everything I read was edit the photo, save it as a dds file, replace the file in that textures folder.....

19-09-2015, 17:28
It's a way to compress the file, don't know too much about it in detail, just what is mentioned in Ryno's Painting Tips..

Neil Bateman
19-09-2015, 17:31
Dxt1 and dxt5 are 2 of the options you can select before saving as dds, i think its dxt1 and then select all mip maps before saving.

19-09-2015, 17:43
I must be missing this step
I may have to go back to square one and re-read stuff....
I'm not doing anything with that step whatever it is....

I think I need someone to explain this in English for me me...

What settings do the liveries need to be saved with?
You save them as simple "DXT1" DDS with all MIP maps.
Set the DDS plugin to "create new mip maps".
The DDS file should be saved as a square image, so if a PSD file is not square (e.g. 4096x6144 pixels), you first need to resize it to 4096x4096 before exporting it to DDS).

Whenever I go to save my flattened work I just hit save as and then I type in the file name and put .dds after it...

That must be wrong....

Also my image isn't square it's the regular template I downloaded from the site...
I must resize it first apparently ???

Neil Bateman
25-09-2015, 10:35
You dont resize, load up your psd, flatten image, click save as and in save options select dxt1 from drop down menu, then select all mipmaps, then save as a dds file which should be in the list along with bmp or jpeg.

Once its saved that is your dds file and you just need to name it correctly without adding .dds at the end, if you have show file extentions enabled in windows you will see .dds at the end of the file name, if do not show file extentions enabled you wont see .dds after file name but you dont add .dds yourself.

EDIT: Dont think anyone mentioned You must install the dds plugin for photoshop from nvidia, just do a google search for photoshop dds plugin.

29-09-2015, 03:02
Thank you - I think the plugin is the step im missing......... I'll start there and play around with it