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20-09-2015, 09:51
Hi, all

Just bought this gorgeous game a few days ago and loving it!

Because I don't drive a car myself, I decided to go easy to begin with: Renault Clio, default set-up, automatic gearing, driving line on, other assists off, damage on.
AI skill at 40%, 21 opponents, same class, 5 laps at Monza, slightly cloudy weather.
Great fun, lots of close fights, I usually finish 4th or 5th, regardless of starting position. Some of the other Clios seem to be faster than mine, I just can't catch those front runners.

Then I decided to try the Megane, otherwise same conditions; the opponents do drive a mix of other cars, other Meganes among them.
Suddenly I'm winning races easily, consistently, sometimes with 14 seconds to spare; usually gaining the lead in the first lap, not much of challenge at all.
I don't think I've raised my own skill level by that much!

So what's going on? Is the default set-up in the Megane simply that much better than the one in the Clio? Are AI opponent skill levels different in different car classes?
I know I could make the Megane races more challenging by raising the AI skill setting, but I am surprised at the difference between the two classes at the same basic settings.

Not a complaint, just curious.

N0body Of The Goat
20-09-2015, 10:00
From those who regular race against AI, which I'm not one unless I'm doing some testing/reporting, the AI strength % does not give a uniform level of competition across the different car models.

20-09-2015, 14:21
In my experience they vary a lot by circuit. But maybe I was wrong and was changing cars [and a million other things] too ?

...I could hold the same pace as the AI @ 1OO% at Spa, but taking that same car [sorry forgotten which] to the Nordscleife I had to drop the AI difficulty by a long way to keep up at all.

20-09-2015, 15:15
Interesting, but in my case all races were conducted at Monza GP. Does anyone know if there are variations in car set-ups between AI opponents or do they all use the same (default) setup?

20-09-2015, 17:54
AI skills differ from car to car, you have to tune the difficulty. Also some cars and tracks will take more time to nail down than others. I can attest that the Clio Cup is doable for me on a default setup with AI at 70 on the first few tracks. For me I have to practice the track for awhile until my lap times peak and stabilize, then go back and take on the AI at a competetive level, I'll do quick races with the AI at different difficulties to narrow that down real quick before doing the career race for that track.