View Full Version : Need help with lmp1 tune at nords. First post.

20-09-2015, 10:27
First off, thanks for taking the time to read. Its my first post so sorry for being noobish :confused:

Am currently running a "5:52" at nords in the lmp1 with a standard untouched tune. (aside from ffb) Not to sure where to start for a tune and any help would be greatly appreciated. I am very keen to learn the ins and outs of tuning, but atm it seems a little over whelming with so many numbers.:culpability:

Thanks again and sorry if this post is in the wrong section or is bad. :)

20-09-2015, 13:22
Hey man, check out this guys videos, they helped me a lot and I'm a noob at tuning myself. Hope they help.


20-09-2015, 20:34
Thanks alot, I will check it out.