View Full Version : [Bug] leaving session after winning a race

20-09-2015, 12:36
Win Sprint Race, leave it - dialog pop's up with the message to save or not save the progress, press yes. Return back to career screen and get spit in the face because you have to drive that 28 Lap Sprint Race again...
I am new to this forum but what I have encountered and read in the forum in the last view days let me think that this game was just released or is in open beta status. (Yes I know u probably get tired reading this over and over...)

You made a good game but come on, whats going on in the QA Department? I bought all DLC Content for it but the bugs ruin the fun for me.

20-09-2015, 14:29
This is known.....and that something like that dont happen again, you must just go to the MAIN race after the sprint race and there you press quit and save session.....then the sprint race is saved and you start, next time you play it, at the main race with your sprint race position...

But a 28 lap sprint race????!!!...i thought it is a little sprint race befor the main race starts with maybe 5 or 10 laps......a bit to much for me ^^...

20-09-2015, 17:49
I do 100% races. I am also sick of "this is known" sentences and workarounds for a game thats out for 4 Months now, nothing against you.