View Full Version : Loading Screen issue / Frozescreen

20-09-2015, 15:38
Hi everyone!

First of all, my appologies if my english is bad, isn't my native lenguage. Now.. After the last update i have a frozescreen in the Loading screen every time i want to play a singleplayer quick race with AI. No matter what track and car class, time of day, weather i choose, the game frozes.

Before the last update i played normally, but since has been released i can do it.

At least i can play online, practice, time trial and career mode but sometimes i want to race something in special and i can't doit.

Note: The game never send a crash message. Just stay stucked in loading screen with the "loading clock" frozen.

Here is my pc specs.

218560 218561 218562

Thanks for give me the chance to shar my problem with all of you, hope we can solve it.
Have good races!