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21-09-2015, 05:20
Hi everyone,

I would like to know two things :

Is is possible to change time limit in end race cause, when a pilot quit to pits, we must wait for all the time limit ends as if he were still on track...
Is there a way to make cheater button (recovery) unavailable for real races ?

Thanks for reading.

21-09-2015, 14:34
No to both.
Sorry bud.
I use cheater button in practice/quali sessions.

22-09-2015, 05:26
Ok, thanks for answer. I think it should be a race option (in simulation) cause i looked everywhere in my IRL car, i didn't found this button :wink-new:, so, if it's a race simulation...

22-09-2015, 06:19
Let's be serious the cheater button must go while in qualy or race. I didn't get a racing sim to have the car magically repaired while racing by pressing a button...

22-09-2015, 07:07
It doesn't repair the car. Just brings it back on track. If damage is on (full/performance/visual) it won't fix the car. Still gotta make it back to pits with a broken vehicle for a repair.
In any case now that I'm a better driver I rarely use it because I'm mostly on track. Being a user of said cheat button, it's not really an advantage in a race. More often it's actually faster after a spin to drive back on to the track instead of coming to a complete stop, hit reset, then get going again. True story.
Speaking of which, I will have a look when I'm home to find a better use for the reset button; a better function to map to it :)
Anyway don't be worried. Chances are you're faster than them and will beat them anyway.
Agreed that it ruins the immersion to see a car teleport and ghosted in your face coming round a bend -_-

22-09-2015, 12:55
IMHO it does ruin the sim racing experience, I would appreciate the option for multplayer online hostinf to force that recovery option off and also force the "return to pit" option off.
(1) recovery - just ruins it, no matter what and how in a race, since an off track vehicle in the gravel or whatever has to dig out or is done racing, but with magic recovery button he gets beamed back to track which ruins it for th rest of the field, is unrealistic, creates confusion on track and gets that driver a chance where usually he would have lost positions or done for that race. (reality of racing!)
(2) return to pit - practice and warm up session yes good to use and no problems with. in qualification should be forced OFF so actually driver has to make it to pits in/ out lap here! just like in real, and/ or when he hits the wall or damages car or goes into gravel/ dirt same principal, make it back to pit, or just like in real life, done with quali, since for both options vehicles don't get repaired within seconds!

22-09-2015, 15:00
I wont call it a cheater button, because it isnt one. But I would like to see it having a option to be enabled or disabled in the lobby settings.

24-09-2015, 05:12
@ hkraft300 :

It doesn't repair the car. Just brings it back on track.

I know this button doesn't repair the car, but if someone use it before hitting the wall, his car is not broken... he doesn't need to repair it :mad: not reallistic at all

24-09-2015, 05:46
You can't use it while moving. You must be completely stationary (ie hit the wall, or stop before it). So if you use the wall to stop, well your car is still damaged. If you managed to stop before the wall, you wouldn't have hit the wall in the first place. I think it's good how SMS did it because like I said before - you're better off trying to correct the spin and make your own way back on track because using reset is almost always slower.

24-09-2015, 06:20
I sooo hate the reset. I never use it in SP and when I see it used in MP I like... hate it. IMO "reset allowed" for session setting would be good thing.

24-09-2015, 07:00
IMHO, I think the reset function should only work if the car is completely beached and cannot move. Examples of this would be when stuck on barriers or tyre stacks and one or more wheels are off the ground, or when lifted off ground by another car (had this happen in a Formula Rookie race where an AI spun out, I T boned him and flipped him over and I ended up on top of his inverted car).
For even more realism, if the crash is severe enough to be a race ending incident, the reset option should port you directly to the pits for retirement, or if the car is repairable, have it fixed and you can continue the race after 'pitting'. As it stands now, if my car is immobilised I have to stay where I am, or exit the session as I don't have the reset to track button mapped.
In fact, I've tried to map it, but it never works, and hasn't since V2.0 was released so I never bothered with it.

24-09-2015, 10:25
You can't use it while moving. You must be completely stationary (ie hit the wall, or stop before it).
I didn't know that cause i don't use it, when i go out of track, i drive to come back :miserable:
However, it's disturbing to see a car teleport just in front of yours when you're in battle for a place...