View Full Version : Increase in Grip levels / Lap times for GT3 Class?

21-09-2015, 09:19
i have noticed improved lap times since patch 3/4 in the GT3 class.

I play with all assists off, and for example, i would lap around Dubai 1:57 (being a perfect lap) but more in 1:58's.

Now i can get quite easy 1:55-1:56.

This is the same around Spa, used to be 1:18 . now can get 1:16-17.

21-09-2015, 09:44
It might be the tires, did you use slicks before? I noticed some cars use slicks and some use medium tires. I always play with default settings, so i kinda noticed that. It might be that some cars now have a a softer tire as default and so you saw these improvements in time. Also, you might have gotten better :)