View Full Version : Feedback from a racing noob

21-09-2015, 14:07
I haven't raced for decades, mainly because of the need to buy a wheel and I just wasn't prepared to go that far in my gaming.

But screw that now... I bought a wheel and am getting to grips with Project Cars

Just thought I'd throw a couple of things out there... and I may be unaware of certain buttons or features with this so correct me if I've missed anything.

Absolutely hate the way I can't get into the settings without stopping everything and then starting all over again. It makes it a serious pain to figure out the adjustments and tweaks.

I think there should be more tips during gameplay.. the number of times I've sat there with the engine not going... sheesh!! just tell me what the damn button is to start the engine... nope.. have to cancel the whole thing and go digging back through menus again. I don't know why but the ignition button isn't bound to anything in my menu anyway? I've totally randomly figured out that the white xbox button on my wheel starts the engine. So yeah.. more tips along the way.

Force-feedback - I like the feedback, that's what having a wheel is all about imho. Now that it finally works on my G920, I find it weird that it's strong when skidding around, but if I hit the dirt or go spinning into a wall, there's very little motion.. surely it should go bananas and rumble and shake when the car is banging around.

I'm not that crazy about the cart sounds so far. I use one of those quite large Logitech G35 headsets with all the bells and whistles and it has plenty of volume, but sitting and driving inside some of these cars should be a lot more violent and fearsome sounding. I'll need to have a play around with the sound some more though in case I've missed something or have something on that shouldn't be.

Oh and one of the weirdest things about Project Cars is the replays after the race. They always look so slow! Like everyone's just cruising around for fun after the race... what's with that? For all I know, the displayed motion might be technically accurate, but it looks nothing like a real race. Cars in real life are jittery and bang around violently with instant changes of direction. Wheels jump and panels shake. But the game replays look a slow motion smoothed out movie.

Anyhow.. that's just my first impressions. As I've pointed out, I'm basing this on almost no prior experience with racing games.. at least not since that Atari arcade game!