View Full Version : When did they add obstacles at chicanes at Le Mans?

21-09-2015, 16:10
I read time ago a thread of guy trying to reach top speed at Le Mans jumping the chicanes so today i picked the C9 and made the top speed setup (df, camber, toe etc...) and when i reached 1st chicane at 370km/h i noticed the stacks of tyres on my way, I know they did it for multiplayer but now we no longer have a long straight for testing purposes :(

21-09-2015, 16:18
Take the obstacles out with a nice crash, restart the session and you will probably find they aren't there anymore - a side-effect of the obstacle removal code is that they get removed until you quit a session and start a new one.

EDIT : Also, if you haven't been keeping an eye on the tease thread, you might be pleased to know that a possible alternative solution should be coming SMSoon™