View Full Version : bug report, cuttingcorner detection fails missarably @Silverstone Stowe

21-09-2015, 17:42

first let me state that i am from holland and my english is not my best, and i dyslectic|(orhow ever you whright that down)

I found a bug wich i find freaking annoying. I t is a bug which gives you a lap invalid in timetrail.

i can 100% reproduce every time. Although i did not test in a divirent car then the AMG C DTM (yes i do drive the taxibrand, but only because friends are in to this car.....i like nothing that makes you chase a STAR(asswhole)

i will put it down step by step.

-Time Trail
-amg c class dtm
-Silverstone stowe

okay, so we start the lap, then we go right-->left-->right-->hairpin left-->etc

my problem lies in the second right. it all came to my attention when trying for the worldrecord, which i had for about a day till my friend beat me by 3 tenth's.
So the first two corners R>L there are only cones and a little white line.. on the second right there is a kerbstone on the rightside of the track untill the hairpin.....
so when i take the first 2 corners you are allowed to get about half your car across the white line, which is still penaltie worthy in my eyes, but okay.....
but the moment you put only your 2 right wheels on the kerb for about 0,5seconds you lap is scrapped as you get the cut corner penaltie....!!!

wtf 2 wheel on a kerb is a penaltie, but cutting the two prior corners is allowed>>>>????? i dont get that, Like Max Said yesterday, "NO"

so anybody got the same result?