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21-09-2015, 18:45
We are in the process of putting together a 4 week Clio series.

This will feature 2 races on the night , 1st race will be a shorter sprint race and the 2nd race will be longer and will feature a random pick pole like the btcc has.

if your interested in this series take a peek at our site for more info, we are limiting the numbers so we have drivers that will turn up each week rather than drivers that sign up and never show up.

see you on the track.

22-09-2015, 18:06
we are now taking names of UK drivers to join our clio series.

If your a clean and fari driver why not pop along to our site and sign up for the series.

Don't miss out

01-10-2015, 18:43
On to week 2 at Donnington park and no doubt more close action.

We run pcars and forza 6 series so why not take a look at our site for more info on both.

08-10-2015, 21:12
Going into week 3 this wednesday at silverstone, close racing in th e2 races so far and this one looks even closer after practice times.

IF anyone is looking for uk time races starting at 9pm on a wednesday then pop over to our site and take a look.

We have another series ready to go once the clio's finish, don't miss out.

15-10-2015, 18:25
Silverstone went well so we go into our final week of the clio cup.

we can still fit in a couple if your looking for good clean fair racing.

pop along to our site for more info


18-10-2015, 12:59
going into our final clio race with 3 spots on the grid free.

we will be announcing the next pcars series on our site very soon so take a look and keep checking in case its what you have been waiting for.

21-10-2015, 18:00
We are looking to increase our driver numbers for pcars, we run races on wednesdays at 9pm uk time, please only sign up to races if you will turn up weekly, ppl popping in and out when they like makes it impossible to hold proper series as one week we have loads and the next hardly any.

we are looking for 12 solid turn ups to race and enjoy the game.


22-10-2015, 18:47
We at TVRF are now announcing our next Pcars series,

TVRF Formula A Series
This series will be run on a Wednesday at 9pm UK time.
this is a 4 week series but featuring 8 same length races, 2 races per night.
10 mins qually before each race to offer a super pole feel,
Cockpit view, we are locking it to cockpit only view to offer more realism to our races for this series,
any assists able to be used as we want all our drivers to feel comfortable when they race.

We will be visiting some great GP tracks in cars that at first can be tricky but very rewarding once you get it right.

If you are the type of driver than ca commit to a 4 week series and you drive clean and fair then visit our website for more info.