View Full Version : Wet racing tire/grip troubles with Lotus 72D

21-09-2015, 20:16
Hey everyone. First off apologies if this has been addressed before. I was playing a race weekend last night, and was quite frustrated by how hard it was to play.

I was on a wheel & xbox, am 'OK' but not pro at this, and only play when time allows. Racing the glen, wet, with a Lotus 72D.

I know the 72D is a classic F1 car and known to be a handful, but it was on the verge of being completely underivable. The intermediate tires, especially the rear, were getting SO HOT while I was trying to race... they would cool down as I raced more cautiously, but if I tried to push at all (which there's not much difference between nothing and max in an F1 car) the rear tires would get red hot and grip is out the window. I know it's compounded by the rain, and they car type, but that meant I had to drive incredibly slowly just to keep from spinning out.

The AI
While all the above issues would be acceptable, I was getting pummeled by the AI (on 50% difficulty). It was as if they were completely unaffected by both tire wear and wet conditions. They were lapping me time and time again, even though I was posting 2:05 average times on Glen GP.

The ultimate question
Is it just a factor of the choice of car, weather conditions, and AI difficulty? Or is the deck stacked against me with the way the AI behaves in game? I've had a lot of fun racing Formula C in the wet, but these classic F1 cars made me want to rage quit.