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21-09-2015, 23:37
I will start with that I do enjoy the game for the most part . (it just seems a little lifeless at times )

The graphics :yes:
The weather :yes:
The car Physics :yes: Best I have ever experienced on a console :yes:
The Force feedback :yes: Best I have ever experienced on a console :yes:
The tracks are lovely :yes: Has to be right up there with the best tracks of any racing I have ever played .
The Car models :yes:

Good times

I have had some of the best online races ( all organised with a group ) that I have experienced great fun ! The guys that play with have a lot to do with that also.
Depending on time of day the game looks absolutely beautiful .
Single player , some of the races I have had have been great fun.
The force feed back is wonderful when all tuned in . Great.

Flag system :no: Just doesn't work , working flags would up the realism and the overall excitement of racing ten fold . This is something that I dearly hoped is being looked at.
Damage :no: This just seems so dumbed down , if I smash a car I would like to have it look as if it has had a major crash !
No safety car :no: I don't know about you but for me I would love to see it , its just another thing that would up the realism .
Pit crews :no: I have heard there in the works and they are not detrimental but again for the realism they would be a plus.
Custom races :no:
Mandatory Pits
The DLC at the present point of time has been a little flat for me :no: I look at the cars coming for other races like lambos for assetto corsa and so on and we get ........ I just don't know on the choices made here ( financial I guess):no:

The bad times :(

Only recently I had a corrupt save that was very frustrating :no: lost everything 4 months worth :(
The Force feedback settings are so involved ..... I would like to play more then I do , but fiddling with these must be done :no:
The stability with blue screens and game crashes :no: Lets hope patch 4.0 has this covered
I don't bother playing online in random lobbies , its just not worth it for me :no:

The game just needs a little life added to it .:yes:

22-09-2015, 06:06
I'm on PC.

Best graphics (used to think Forza was amazing, then Assetto Corsa beat it, now this)
Runs great on my system
Best FFB
Most true life elements simulated
24 hour day/night
Real-time weather
The way cars react to setups/temps
LMP cars
LMP/GT performance balance
Pretty good AI
Best career so far
Recognizes all my input devices
LMP cars
AI driver swaps
Circuit la Sarthe

Disappointing to not be able to set up LMP and GT races (they're soooo good together)
Extremely disappointing not to be able to set up timed races with LMP and GT ('cause the three could be soooo good together)
I thought Daytona road course was going to be included
That's it! It's near perfect for me, but personally it's like a Ferrari without tires. It's like, I just need tires and then nnrrrroounggggggggg, I'm gone.

22-09-2015, 06:36
Graphics :yes:
Weather :yes:
Physics :yes:
Fun :yes:

Flags :no:
No safety car :no:
No multi-class support :no:

22-09-2015, 06:57
Cheap (28 brand new)
lovely looking (so long as you don't push the envelope)
cars look great
pure racing
great AI
great FFB

screen tear
transition to rain from dry isn't smooth.
career is bearable but they did this better back in the GRID games..
game can't cope with certain conditions.
frame rate drops
can't save my FFB settings (doing my mind in!!)
apart from here and few sim sites no one really is playing or talking about this game.
need BTCC cars now.
general forum attitude of "must be you" whenever someone says they have an issue
too many staunch defenders of the indefensible.
Rubbish night race effects (that sky!)
game can't cope with AI having headlights on without screen tear
can't run more than about 20 AI, which is ample but not as advertised.
no team mate battles in career, would be simple to just set a challenge "Finnish above your team mate etc etc)
no back stories for drivers in career

22-09-2015, 07:52

The graphics
Online racing(If you can avoid the morons)
Good AI
Car Sounds
Keyboard support(PS4)

The graphics (Cartoony smoke flame effects still the random white sparkles)
FFB (The effort to get FFB right for each car)
friends un-friendly
Lag in online qualifying
poor stats
Ghosting of human cars online
poor flag system
No warm up lap
No safety car
No manual pit entry/exit
The still present day 1 bugs(pits...replays..sound...FFB loss..Car glue effect...etc..)

22-09-2015, 08:46
available app for PC
support through this forum

No multiple setup saving for each tracks
time spent tweaking ffb settings
cluncky menus
resetting car setup or ffb setup resets the other.


22-09-2015, 08:55
Motorsport Variety
Day/Night transitions
Weather Transitions
AI on Track
Car Classes

Custom Cars

Mixing Multi Class Racing (Ex Prototypes + GT)
Default Controller Setup
Car Damage
Car Collision
AI Stiffness
General AI Behavior
Pace/Safety Cars
Player Controlled Pit Stops
Lack of at least one oval at launch
Rolling Starts

22-09-2015, 09:35
First WMD member posting.

- SMS managed to deliver a content and feature rich in a generally quite bug free state. Compared to many other crowd funding(about 20 projects so far) I was involved, pcars is one of the best if not the best. It was released really late, I got a great game for it. Thank you, SMS.
- Excellent track list with a lot of locations to race with. There is just so many tracks to learn and optimise my driving on.
- AI is generally great too, especially compared to those days in WMD.
- Day-night with weather transitions, this is one of the main reason I kept coming back to this game.
- Car classes, SMS picked a well spread out car list with a huge variety of vehicles that all behave and drive very differently despite they have less manufacturers to choose from. It adds a lot of longevity for me as I am still discovering new things till now.
- Performance is excellent, considering the physics, graphics and being able to field dozens of cars on grid.
- I quite like the themed style DLC with interesting new cars and tracks to play with every month. There is at least one content that is my current favorite car/track.
- Loved the game because it is all about racing. No grinds. No pointless activities to do to pad my play time, like many modern games tend to have. It is 100% pure racing.
- Enjoyed the pit to crew feature but would love to see it further expanded, like adding Grid Autosport style preset commands that I can interact with the engineer.

- No custom championship mode.
- Career is a bit disappointing. I would like to see Grid 1-esque zero-to-hero career in the future where you manage the team a little, like hiring codriver for the team.
- Cant pick cars for the race grid where some games like GSCE and AC has.
- Some features are missing, like missing pit crews.
- Would love to have formation lap and after race lap.
- Manufacturers, would appreciate if we get more brands. Especially Japanese and American brands.
- Tracks wise, I would love more niche tracks that rarely appear in games, like Kyalami, Fuji Speedway, Sanddown, Mid Ohio.
- Still not enough classic cars, IMO where 80s to 60s car in each classes are a bit too little. Quite a few classes only have one car at the moment.
- Not exactly an issue for me but I would appreciate if the game will get better default setup out of the box.
- UI is a bit clunky.

22-09-2015, 16:01
Quick and simple:i agree with everything the op said...

22-09-2015, 16:19
Career Mode is fairly fun and engaging without being overbearing or demanding.
Graphics. Oh god the graphics.
Two Canadian designed fictional prototypes because I'm a nationalist.
Many wonderful other cars.
Wide variety of tracks to race on.

No Rain Lights on AI
No Fog Lights on AI
No Limerock
Career Mode is fun and engaging, but the on/off win or you suck nature of the ingame team and twitter is a little sad.
Also no contract preview of your race car in Career Mode.
Some Career Mode Championships are bafflingly short.
No Class/Car limited filters for Solo Race/Custom Championship/Or Online
No Custom Championship.

22-09-2015, 16:32
Been waiting my whole life for a decent racing sim on console and its arrived
Authentic race weekends with practice etc
Dynamic time of day and weather
Ai that aren't just obstacles
Graphics and physics
Good support from devs with patches

Flag system is very poor in comparison to other titles
Dlc is a little weak but well priced
No ai spins
Ai breakdowns and mechanical failures are non existent

Best sim experience I've ever had on
console so thanks

22-09-2015, 16:36
Great graphics
Helpful (mostly) community
Good online races
Weather changes really well, you have to have it set for long sessions for the effect to come through though
FFB is really good, ruined by my shitty wheel

NO CUSTOM CHAMPIONSHIP severely limits replay ability
Flags mean nothing
Rolling starts are a joke
No kick button for the host in online, to remove the knob heads
Inconsistent ai in career, too easy to win a championship by not even getting on the podium
Having to leave a session to change graphics or controls or anything really.
Unintuative menu navigation
Not able to have multiple set ups for tracks ie a dry and wet set up
No in game telemetry analysis, so forced to use a 3rd party app
Limited info from the api, no real suspension info so limits the available info for tuning
No triple screen support
Scripted weather in career severely limits replay ability

22-09-2015, 19:13
All other pro and against I agree.

One more: Statistics.

How many kilometers your opponent made in the online challenges.
Time: 1.25.023 KM: 223
Time: 1.25.678 KM: 35

Do you see here the value?

22-09-2015, 21:10
Some good points..

But for me the reason I don't play the game as much as I would like to is due to the big negatives I've got with

Screen tear
Lack of pit crew
Not enough cars IMO for making a proper LeMans touring car race
Replays are dreadful
Career mode just doesn't seem to work for me, I can't seem to get into it at all

But if those issues were fixed, I'd like the game a lot more , ps4 version. And , I've said this from the start. The screen tear is totally inexcusable , drive club looks way better albeit at 30 fos but feels faster and smoother then p cars , and forza is very solid, so I do find the screen tear very off putting ajnd a huge negative... Some don't mind it. I do find it very jarring.

22-09-2015, 22:01
Good- physics. Good AI

Neutral-Bad overall game/incomplete. Poorly implemented.

Negs- can't find a reason to play it. Online is worthless.