View Full Version : Thrustmaster T300 triggers Share button randomly

22-09-2015, 08:14
Hi all,

Just wondered if any T300 (Ferrari GTE rim) users have experienced this.

Online MP race driving round Brands Hatch Indy in a Merc 190 (actually the car and track doesn't matter)

Driving down Cooper Straight ready to turn in to Surtees and its as if the Share lever has been turned, game dumps you out to the share screen.

Now it's not a stray thumb hitting a button as the share lever on the GTE rim is nowhere near your thumbs.

As a workaround, anyone know how to de-activate the function form the wheel (I can assign it to a button box instead).


22-09-2015, 08:43
Yeah I've had this a few times. Also dumps you to the main PS4 menu at times as if you've pressed the PS button.

22-09-2015, 10:06
Hmm, yeah, I seem to remember getting the PS button trigger too

22-09-2015, 10:59
I read that removing and reattaching your wheel may fix problems with random button presses. It can't hurt to try.