View Full Version : Post 4.0 Caterham SP 300 R Rev indicator always shows green lights

22-09-2015, 13:27
The green indicator lights for the revs in the caterham SP are always glowing now even if the revs are lower. Once I accelerate beyond green the yellow and red lights come on normaly. Anyone else have this? This has only just appeared post 4.0.
Its quite annoying.

22-09-2015, 15:21
I believe it's related to the 10 boosts that car has available to it. You'll notice that as you use your boosts those lights will go down from 3, to 2, then 1. Looks to me like each one represents roughly a 3rd of your boost quantity. It's is odd, but there's mention of the pass display on this car in patch 4.0 notes.

22-09-2015, 18:50
Thanks. I noticed this also when using the boost. Takes some getting used to.

23-09-2015, 10:50
I was watching the lights last night and I can't work out the point. There's 4 lights for 10 boosts. Doesn't equate properly. Should be 5 lights so would have 2 boosts per light. For a driver I can't see how having 4 lights for 10 boosts gives any accurate info.