View Full Version : Wrong invalidated NEXT lap times are still in the game but why?

22-09-2015, 14:50
I have a great example for that: 3 corners before the start line at Norschleife at the end of the long straight if you do a mistake your NEXT LAP TIME will be invalidated. But why? You cant get any profit from that for the next lap. Realy this is the most annoying thing in the game. Okay take my next lap time if i am out of the track at the first corner to get higher speed in the straight or something like that. But why would you take away my next lap time when i am far away from the finish line?
And i could collect many of these things. Like at Nurburgring if you cut the shikane your next lap time is invalidated what does make no sense at all again because there is still a big ass corner ahead of you. Why these things does not get fixed yet. It was a thing since the game is out and its still a thing.
There are tracks like Bathurst which had the same issue but it got fixed ive just checked it.
Realy WMD i will take my time and collect every track with the same issue just fix it after i made a video/image content from these things. I dont need anything for exchange just finally fix it.