View Full Version : Driver hands glitching in Helmet cam view

22-09-2015, 15:29
About a week before patch 4.0 hit I noticed my driver's hands would suddenly move about on the wheel whilst driving. It only looks like about 1 frame and is gone in a flash, but it's there. Happens a lot if I'm holding the wheel at a constant angle round a long corner, for example. The glove will move to another part of the wheel then back again, like a ghosting effect.

This happens randomly in every car I've tried, in almost every race. I can't see it during replays (generally it appears the movement of driver hands are much smoother during replays than in the actual race anyway, unsure of why, it's like the framerate is lower during a race) so have no footage to share. Just wondered if anyone else has this.

I've disabled and re-enabled the driver from the options but it persists.

PS4, T300

22-09-2015, 17:31
It happens to many.. users, Me Included.. on both the T300 and the G29
a slight spike from the Steering Wheels position, causes the Graphics of the Wheel and Hands to rotate for one or two frames..

Graphics = 60 times a second.
Wheel Position Sampling Rate = ( ?? Many times faster than the graphics )

if a Wheel Position spike ( FFB is causing the Wheel to constantly move ), happens to coincide with one of the screen frames, you see it.